Load vCARD direct to your iPhone via FTP!@

ABLoader is an iPhone application that loads your vCARD data direct into your iPhone via ftp. Multiple record vCARD supported.

Primary function of ABLoader app.

Screen shots

main loaded editing
Main Loaded Editing


  1. Prepare vCARD data from your mobile phone by using vCARD export function etc.
  2. Transfer vCARD data to your Mac/PC that can use ftp command.
  3. Make sure your Mac/PC and iPhone is network connected.
  4. Start ABLoader in iPhone.
  5. Start ftp in Mac's terminal or command prompt in Windows.
  6. Make sure the IP address and port number in APLoader's primary screen.
  7. Open the connection to ABLoader. (for EX: "open 8080")
  8. Just push enter key for user id and password prompt.
  9. Put the vCARD data. (for EX:"put keitai.vcf")
  10. Terminate ftp by "quit" command.
  11. If you succeeded, you will see the contact list in the iPhone.
  12. If you need to discard some of the records, then push "edit" and perform "delete".
  13. After making sure, please push "Save to Contacts" button.
  14. Wait for a while and see "Completed" prompt.



Sold in Apple iTunes App Store.Japanse version available.

Software supprt

Following is the support email address of ABLoader application.