Organize your mail INBOX with Mail Folders!

Good news for heavy mail users. The Mail Folders iPhone application can create/remove imap mail folders in order to get your email organized. By reducing number of mails in the INBOX, iPhone's may be able to work faster. Also by setting mail address rules to each folder created, you may be able to redirect your emails from INBOX to other folders automatically.

Primary functions of Mail Folders app.

Screen Shots

main editing settings
main editing setting


You can download startup guide from here. You may need PDF document reader from adobe etc.
  1. At first startup, you need to setup imap mail account in the settings section of this application.
  2. You can add mail folders by tapping + button in main screen.
  3. You can delete mail folders in the editing mode in main screen.
  4. You can redirect emails by tapping redirect button in main screen.(bottom left button)
  5. You can put mail redirect rules by tapping folder names in main screen.

Mail account setting information

Following is the setting information for each mail providers.

  Gmail MobileMe AOL softbank
user id mail address part of mail address before @. mail address part of mail address before @.
password Gmail's password MobileMe password AOL password Mail password shown in SMS 157.
Imap server name


Error codes.

You may be able to see error code in the last part of each error messages, enclosed pharensis.

Value Description value Description
9 Communication timeout or network unreachable. 10 Receive failed.
11 Send error. 12 Login failed. Make sure password etc.
13 Logout error. 16 LIST command failed.
17 Folder creation error. 18 Folder selection failed.
19 Mail fetch failed. 20 Mail delete failed.
21 Mail store failed. 22 Mail copy failed.

Sales price

Available in AppStore. Japanese version available.


Following is the email address for support of this iPhone application.